BlueZone’s Xinjiang Impression

Eric sent me a link early morning to ask me check a photo website on Xinjiang. The pictures are very good – I especially love the photos in Shanghai which reveals exactly the feeling I have on Shanghai. The story is quite long, as Eric “complained”, and I didn’t go into the Xinjiang scene part yet. If the author want to provide a thumbnail view, it would be very nice.

In Xinjiang, there are scenes like this. China has a diversed culture: The

Bar, the cups, the musical instrument, the people, the road, the house, the field… It is all so different.

BlueZone, very nice job!

I planned the Kanas trip but still cannot fullfil the plan. Eric and Dan went there with very nice pictures. Now, I feel my passion to go to the wild and far areas is not as strong as before. Why?

5 thoughts on “BlueZone’s Xinjiang Impression

  1. Can someone tell me whether special permit is required for foreign passport holders to venture into Xinjiang or Tibet in addition to their visa.


  2. Yes. They need special permit to enter specified regions. I believe it is OK to enter the capital and most area, but for the bordering area and other areas, people need to get permit. You may check Dan Washburn’s experience at

    He visited Kanas with my friends. He may recorded the steps in his blog. For Kanas, even Chinese citizen needs to apply for certain kind of certificate to enter the bordering area.

  3. I spent some time out in Xinjiang last summer, travelling at that time wasn’t restricted at all. I went to Urumqi, Hotan and Kashgar, as well as a village very close to the Pakistani border in the mountains and had no trouble (I hold a Canadian passport).

  4. I guess you are getting old just like I am now. I used to travel alot. I have been too 30 countries and regions and had lot of fun. even though when I look at the photoes, they bring back the good memories of the past, but I don’t have the desire to do it all over again. staying at home and taking care of my baby girl bring me enough joy. we are getting older, things we used to be crazy about, does’t seem so interesting any more. maybe because we have it or we have done it already or we have other priority.

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